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2023 新品上市 🎉 獨家代理 Glossy Pops !

Return Policy

1). ProductInspection Period:


With the exception ofperishable items, items with a short shelf life (approaching expiration uponreturn/cancellation), food items, customized products, current newspapers,magazines, unsealed audio/video products or computer software, game pointcards, other point cards, and unsealed personal hygiene products, which are notsubject to the 7-day inspection period as per the "Guidelines forReasonable Exceptions to Communication Transaction Cancellation Rights,"you have a 7-day product inspection period (including holidays) starting fromthe day the product arrives in your possession.

If you need to return aproduct, please contact our customer service within 7 days of receiving theproduct and provide the following information: name, order number, contactphone number, product name for return, reason for return, and photos ifnecessary. Once our customer service team receives this information, they willassist you with the return or exchange process.


Customer Service Email: info@coolsint.com

Customer Service Hotline: (02) 2775 5533


2). ReturnInstructions:


a.      Returned items must be unused and freefrom any damage or defects caused by human error. Please note that the 7-dayinspection period provided by the Consumer Protection Act is intended for youto contemplate and confirm if the product meets your needs, and it is not atrial period for the product. If the store has instructed you to keep theoriginal packaging (including outer packaging box), please ensure that thepackaging is intact. Otherwise, we will not accept the return.

b.      The following cases are not eligible forreturn:

   Products with an inspection period exceeding 7 days

   Products that have been used, opened, or damaged due to human factors,such as stains, malfunctions, breakage, wear and tear, scratches, or dirt

   Returned items with damaged or incomplete packaging, missing invoice, oraccessories

   Returns made with malicious intent or in large quantities


3). ReturnProcess:

Contact customer service → Confirmeligibility for return → Prepare the complete product and invoice → Providepreferred pickup time, contact information, and address → The return will behandled by the designated logistics service commissioned by the store.


4). RefundInformation:

a.        For credit card payments: Once the return is confirmed successful, therefund will be credited directly to the original credit card account.

b.        For cash on delivery payments: Once the return is confirmed successful,the refund amount will be transferred to the bank account you provided.


5). ExchangeInstructions:

Exchanged items must be unused and freefrom any damage or defects caused by human error. If the store has instructedyou to keep the original packaging (including outer packaging box), pleaseensure that the packaging is intact. Otherwise, we will not accept theexchange.


6). ExchangeProcess:

If you and the store agreeto proceed with an exchange, please initiate a return process for the originalorder and place a new order with the store. The company will only issue aninvoice and charge or refund the price difference, if applicable. If there isno price difference, no further action is required.