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2023 新品上市 🎉 獨家代理 Glossy Pops !

Cools meets Glossy Pops

Cools International Ltd. is dedicated to introducing international beauty brands with the core value of 'Making you cool! Dazzling! Beautiful!' Glossy Pops, hailing from the fashion capital of New York, USA, offers a highly recognizable and adorable lollipop-inspired design product line. It creates a brand image that exudes youthful energy and radiance, elevating the pursuit of beauty for modern women to new heights.

Glossy Pops Manifesto: Unleash Your Radiance, Show the Real You!

Under the radiant sunshine, Taiwanese girls blossom with their unique beauty. However, Glossy Pops has noticed that sometimes they can be too introverted, lacking self-expression. We believe it's time to reshape the image of modern girls!

Glossy Pops firmly believes that every girl should have her own opinions and courageously showcase her uniqueness. We aim to show the world Girl Power! That's why our brand elements revolve around capturing the most radiant and confident moments of girls in their selfies.

We understand that girls love to party, so Glossy Pops encourages them to boldly display their best selves, including their beautiful appearance and distinctive personalities. Our essence lies in empowering girls to shine, whether they're alone or in a crowd.

When you're feeling exhausted, Glossy Pops hopes to uplift your spirits. When you're happy, we want you to spread that joy to those around you. Don't be shy; become the princess in your own heart, become the queen!